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Newly Named “Tongva” Park to Honor Original People

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    I was happy until I hit the end of the article. When I read the words, “multi-million dollar park”, my stomach reacted.
    I thought of the Kuruvunga Springs.
    I realized I don’t really know how much money, if any, had been put into saving the springs by the city, but my guess is that it was a small amount, certainly not multi-millions.
    It seems the people protecting the springs must suffer every few years the fear that it will be cemented over and turned into a parking lot. It should not be this way. Some of that money might have been well spent on a legal team to gain permanent rights to protect the spring.
    The park is lovely and I’m glad they choose not to put a shopping center there, and I’m glad they named it Tongva and I hope it raises awareness that an indigenous tribe is present, and that perhaps we should pay attention to that.
    When California dries up, and the spring is still pumping out clean drinking water, who will we have to thank for preserving it? Yeah.. a park is nice, but let’s help the Tongva secure the springs for now and future generations. And may we think like Ms. Martinez who speaks of her ancestors as caretakers of the land. May we too think of ourselves in this way.

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