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Importance of Four Corners Spirit Run: Community Healing

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    Werikame (El Machete) Lopez

    Love reading this write up Bro. Good strong words. Thank you. I read it to my wife and sons. Sure wish we weren’t so far away. We’d be there. Looking forward to possibly next year. Keep up the good work hermano. Really appreciate all you do and the spirit in which you approach things.

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    Gracie Flores Diaz

    i was astounded after I finished reading about what The Four Corners Spirit Run represented or should I say summarizes “What’s Going On” like the song by Marvin Gaye? I gotcha loud and clear. You’re an Angel in disguise. I thank you for bringing this awareness and Peace to all of our Westside Neighborhoods. I feel bad that I missed out on this opportunity to be a part of this beautiful ceremony! I’d love to be a part of the vision. I’m all for it next year. Keep me informed. Thank you!
    Peace out~

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    Gracie Flores Diaz

    My heart is and has always been there for anybody who needs me to comfort them with a prayer, hug, even try to pick up their spirit in any way I can. Always. This was something I could be a part of 24/7 no lie. I care and love the soul~the spirit. I see people in this picture that I’d be there in a heart beat if they needed me.

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