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Importance of Four Corners Spirit Run: Community Healing

Spirit Run | Venice Oakwood Park

Youth Programming | Spirit Run

There are many aspects to why the Four Corners Spirit Run is important to our community: Unity in these neighborhoods, reclamation & healing of Indigenous-self, and honoring Sacred Sites which include our neighborhood centers. These aspects and reasons for the Spirit Run are all connected. This expression will speak on the Community Healing Aspect of the Spirit Run

Community Healing

If one stops to think of our history here in our Four Corners neighborhoods we can agree there have been and continue to be many wounds, tragic conflicts, and disunity.

These tragic conflicts not only destroy the lives of our youth (most specifically our young men) but they also destroy families and communities. These tragedies create resentments which just perpetuate the animosity between our families & communities.

If one refers to The Four Circles Teaching, it can be seen that this trend of resentment, animosity, and unacknowledged wounds has, and can turn out out to create more of the same.

It’s time for us to Plant, Cultivate, and Radiate “New” Traditional Concepts, Visions, and Ideas to our youth. There is No other event in West Los Angeles (that I know of) that seeks to heal, bridge, and provide Culturally Relevant alternatives to our Four Neighborhoods.

Transmuting our Neighborhoods’ Pathways

When the Runners run, and others that move in sync with them, travel through these Four Corners neighborhoods of Culver City, Venice, Santa Monica, and Sotel, we are bringing messages, tools , and vibes of unity, love, empowerment, and healing. I think it can be agreed that it is extremely rare for one to travel from say Mar Vista Gardens (CC) to Oakwood Park (Venice) with these intentions, let alone to merely travel between these locations.

It is understood Wisdom by all Original People that Thoughts Affect the Mind which in turn affect our Emotions, Creations, and thus our Realities. Putting these positive Visions and Vibes into Circulation, amplified by the many Messengers (Runners and other participants), and charged by the collective intent is very powerful to say the least.

Healing the Streets

Marizsa Bravo | Four Corners Spirit Run

When peoples’ lives are abruptly taken there is much traumatic energy lingering in those locations — Unprocessed Closure. That is why Funeral/Burial/Human Life Closure rites/ceremonies are so important to all cultures of the world.
There are many of these “spiritual trauma” locations on the Westside, often with traumatic energy that needs to be acknowledged & healed. The Four Corners Spirit Run also serves this function.

A comrade of mine once told me how he made efforts to talk with local Catholic Church leaders, since they hold much sway within the Brown communities, in hopes of collaborating on efforts to create healing and bridges between these communities. His efforts were to no avail. The general sentiment from Church leaders was that they “don’t get involved in that.” But yet these “spiritual leaders” have no problem accepting money from our communities for  all the funerals of our loved ones that die from these conflicts. Pardon the side expression there but it has to be said.

Culturally and Historically Relevant

Again, there is no other event that seeks to heal, bridge, and provide Culturally Relevant alternatives to our Four Neighborhoods. And while there are many good Youth programs out there I feel that they fail to acknowledge the unique historical trauma of colonization on Brown (so-called Latino) & Black Youth.  Thus, they  fail to address the root of our communities’ issues— the destruction and continued oppression of our Indigenous Ways and Identity.

Spirit Run | Venice Oakwood Park

If one thinks to a time when our people have been the healthiest and most abundant (mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally) it was when when all the original philosophies, world views, and sacred ceremonies were intact and in healthy motion— over 500 years ago.

To me it makes more than obvious sense to re-employ these proven ceremonies, philosophies, and traditions in order to bring that health, balance, and abundance which is our birthright. I don’t need western science or others to validate this as truth for me. I see the healing and magic happen every year, and it’s only getting stronger.

Join in the Vision and the Prayer. 9th Annual Four Corners Spirit Run.

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Tlazocamati Ometeotl-Kuricaueri
– Quimich (pilli)

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4 Responses

  1. avatar
    Werikame (El Machete) Lopez

    Love reading this write up Bro. Good strong words. Thank you. I read it to my wife and sons. Sure wish we weren’t so far away. We’d be there. Looking forward to possibly next year. Keep up the good work hermano. Really appreciate all you do and the spirit in which you approach things.

  2. avatar
    Gracie Flores Diaz

    i was astounded after I finished reading about what The Four Corners Spirit Run represented or should I say summarizes “What’s Going On” like the song by Marvin Gaye? I gotcha loud and clear. You’re an Angel in disguise. I thank you for bringing this awareness and Peace to all of our Westside Neighborhoods. I feel bad that I missed out on this opportunity to be a part of this beautiful ceremony! I’d love to be a part of the vision. I’m all for it next year. Keep me informed. Thank you!
    Peace out~

  3. avatar
    Gracie Flores Diaz

    My heart is and has always been there for anybody who needs me to comfort them with a prayer, hug, even try to pick up their spirit in any way I can. Always. This was something I could be a part of 24/7 no lie. I care and love the soul~the spirit. I see people in this picture that I’d be there in a heart beat if they needed me.

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